001 Love manual,

Here is a practical and sensible list full of ideas to improve the men’s sexual health. You may already know many of the tips contained in these guidelines, or you may have practiced some of them, but hopefully you will learn some new tricks to help you open your mind and make the most of your sex life. We hope you enjoy reading these guidelines and that your partner enjoys them too.

002 Do not rush

Take it easy and relax, sex is not a race. If you rush, you may get stressed and mess everything up. However, if you are distressed because you suffer from premature ejaculation you should try some sex positions that help you delay it.

003 Be creative

Sex is all about having fun and being provocative; try to avoid doing always the same sex routine, as this will guarantee boredom in the bedroom. Find ways to set your libido on fire: imagine new positions and share your ideas with your partner.

004 Fantasies

Your partner does not necessary like what you like. If you have doubts, ask your partner and suggest them to him/ her with delicacy.

005 Don´t be shy

Forget about complexes and inhibitions, you have to be yourself to really enjoy love and sex.

006 Anything new?

Don’t think you already know everything about sex; you have to be open-minded to new experiences. Don’t refuse everything, you have to try first to know whether you like it or not.

007 Who is in charge?

Try to reverse the roles from dominant to submissive, change the rules of the game and you will obtain a better complicity with your partner.

008 Forget about ex partners

Do not ever mention your previous experiences, as this could hurt your partner’s feeling and lower her or his self-esteem. Let things of the past be what they are: things of the past.

009 Be humble

You are probably not a sex-god so don’t think of sex as a test, and don’t be too demanding with yourself. Sex is a natural act, not a competition for the Guinness book.

010 Sexy underwear

If you like the idea of your partner with sexy lingerie or underwear, just keep in mind that he or she would probably also like you to pay attention to your underwear. Here is the tip: forget about those Bugs Bunny or Simpson prints.

011 Lighting environment

Create an agreeable lighting environment with candles or diffuse light to put you in the mood. Keep in mind that environment is a key factor.

012 Tequila sunrise

A Mexican cocktail with Tequila. Its aphrodisiac features come from the use of cherry, a fruit known to increase passion. Ingredients:

1 shot of tequila

1 shot of orange juice

1/2 shot of Triple sec

1 dash of grenadine

or cherry extract

Ice cubes

Preparation: Pour the ingredients in a highball glass. Garnish with a wedge of orange and a cherry.

013 Don´t act like a pascha

Don’t lie down on the bed and wait for your partner to do the job. You have to be active in the game of sex and love. Remember it takes two to tango!

014 Change rhythm

Try to combine slow and rapid moves, change the rhythm and the pressure of the penetration.

015 Coordination

Follow the moves of your partner; let yourself be driven by her / his breathing or gasping. This way, it will be easier to reach the orgasm together.

016 Smooth penetration

Don’t try to penetrate your partner if he or she is not lubricated enough, as this could be painful and cut the game short.

017 Energizing foods

Certain types of food have the ability to energize the body and arouse the senses, such as cinnamon, pollen, ginger, ginseng, nuts, honey or royal jelly… etc. Healthy food is vital for a good physical state.

018 Seductive fragance

Get used to wear perfume before you make love: it will make your partner remember your smell.

019 Other places than bed

There are lots of places other than your bed that can be very exciting and funny for making love, such as a chair, a bathtub, a table, a pool…etc.

020 Stimulation of the clitoris

Women tend to reach orgasm more efficiently by clitoris stimulation – orally or manually – than through penetration.

(To be continued)

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