Evolution with Andropenis® Penis Extender

Will the lengthening make the penis thinner?

No, the growth is proportional throughout the whole penis. There will be an increase in length as well as in girth since the new tissue formed creates more volume and new cells.

Is there growth both in erection and flaccidity?

Yes, the growth is proportional and it will be evident in erection as well as in flaccidity.

Are the results durable?

Yes, because there has been growth of the penile tissues.

Is there any pain?

No, this product is a mechanical device and is painless. At first the user might feel the presence of the product, but in time this sensation will disappear.

Can it be worn at night?

We do not recommend the use of the Andropenis® during the night because when asleep, men often have erections and the device will dislocate automatically, and above all, because when asleep we move and this could create wounds.

Are there any risks or secondary effects?

No, if the device is used accordingly with the instructions, no risks nor side effects should arise.

Can I wear jeans or tight-fit clothing while using the stretcher?

You may wear jeans that are not excessively tight; it may depend on how comfortable you feel.

If I have an erection with the stretcher on, what will happen?

Nothing will happen. The device will dislocate automatically.

Do I need a urologist’s advice before I begin my treatment?

Generally speaking, you don’t need professional advice at first. However, it might be a good idea for those patients in need of strict medical control to seek advice before using Andropenis® penis extender, and patients who are less skilful might benefit from medical advice, too. We provide a list of recommended specialists in several different countries.

Are there urologists who can inform and advise me regarding doubts?

As mentioned, we provide a list of urologists in various countries, who can provide advice and answer questions during your treatment.

Once I’ve gained an increased size, what might happen if I continue my treatment?

Some patients will still be able to further increase their penis size. However, the increase will be less, and will come about more slowly.

Can patients possibly not gain an increase in their penis size or a minimal increase?

According to our studies and experience, there is a non-success rate of 2.5% with an Andropenis® penis extender

How do I extend the Andropenis® penis extender manually, if necessary?

The Andropenis® penis extender comes with a user manual, which clearly sets out how the device should be regulated. The adjustments can easily be made with the provided rods.

How long should I make the break periods while using an extender?

The Andropenis® penis extender is recommended to be worn for 8 hours per day. These hours do not necessarily have to consecutive. We advise patients to have a rest period every two hours – giving time to use the restroom. A strict rest period schedule does not need to be observed, and it depends partly on the sensitivity of the individual.

If I stop or forget to use the Andro Penis Extender for a day, will there be any effect?

No, but we’d advise patients to wear the device for longer the following day.

Once the treatment is over, should I carry on with the extender until maximum results?

No, because the optimal results will already have been obtained. However, there is the possibility of gaining a little more.

Are creams, pills, or ointments necessary for enlarging my penis?

No. No creams, ointments or pills are required for enlarging the penis. Good results will be gained by using only the Andropenis® penis extender.

It is required for me to use ointments or creams during my treatment?

This can be helpful in some cases, as the glans may require lubrication to avoid any soreness or lacerations.

Guarantees of Andropenis® Penis Extender

Is the safety and effectiveness proven by scientific studies?
Numerous studies – carried out in clinics worldwide – have shown the Andropenis® penis extender to be both safe and effective.
Is Andropenis® penis extender an officially recognized registered trademark?
This product is recognized internationally with a trademark, and features several certifications and patents.
What experience do you have, and who are you?

With more than 26 years of experience in the medical field of penis enlargement, we are a medical company dedicated to non-surgical solutions for men worldwide.

What is the success rate of the Andropenis® penis extender?
The Andropenis® penis extender has a 97.5% rate.
For how long has the Andropenis® extender be available and used around the world?

Andropenis® penis extender has been in use for over 26 years.

Are there a lot of men who use this product?

All over the world, men are finding great results after using the Andropenis® penis extender.

What about privacy? Is your service confidential?

Rest assured, any information you give us is totally confidential, and is completely protected under the information rights protection legislation.

Will I find the instructions for Andropenis® penis extender easy to understand?

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that all of our instructions are easy to follow, and clearly explained. What’s more, we’ve translated the instructions into 28 different languages.

Should I have any questions or doubts, can I ask for assistance?

Yes. We are contactable via email or phone.

Medical Aspects of Andropenis® Penis Extender

Are there any side effects or risks involved in the use of Andropenis® penis extender?
No. So long as the Andropenis® penis extender is used according to and in full adherence to the instructions, there should be no side effects or risks involved whatsoever.
Can sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction arise as a result of use?
The patient will not have their ability to gain or maintain an erection affection by the Andropenis® penis extender. Indeed, patients find that the confidence they gain after using the device – and the larger penis they will end up with – will cause a considerable increase in sex drive.
What is considered a normal penis length?
Most professionals would agree that between 13 – 15 cm (5” to 6”) is normal, although this can change depending on ethnicity.
What does penis size increase depend on?
Essentially, it comes down to two main factors: genetics, and the tissue development of the penis. Andropenis® penis extender is able to help youdevelop more tissue, and gain penis length.
Is this treatment suitable for diabetics?
Yes, so long as the patient is under medical supervision. If the patient maintains good hygiene with their penis, the Andro Penis Extender can be used.
Should I undergo treatment if I suffer from cardiovascular problems?

There are no cardiovascular risks involved in the use of Andropenis® penis extender.

I’ve been operated on as a result of a tumour in the prostate area. Can I still use it?

No. The risks involved would be too high.

May I use the device if I have varicocele, hydrocele, or prostatitis?

Medical advice and consultation would be recommended in these cases before using Andropenis® penis extender.

Can those diagnosed with STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) undergo treatment?

No. First, the disease must be cured with the correct treatments before using Andropenis® penile traction device.

Is there any harm or pain caused by the slight pressure of using Andropenis®?

No. Andropenis® penis extender can be adjusted, according to the size of your penis, and the growth you wish to achieve. When the instructions are adhered to correctly, there should be no discomfort whatsoever.

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