A new medical therapy to treat the Peyronie ‘ disease was created based on the professional research study published in The Journal of Sexual Medication, May-2019, The use of a penile traction device decreases the demand of cycles of collagenase in people with Peyronie illness, by Dr. García Gómez and Dr. Romero-Otero.

The goal of this study is to reveal the experience of Urology Department of the College Hospitals in Madrid (Spain) with using collagenase of the Clostridium Histolyticum (CCH) plus a penile traction device (PTD) in the treatment of Peyronie condition (PD). The made use of methods were the collection of all individuals diagnosed with Peyronie condition and treated with these both treatments (collagenase plus traction device) in two healthcare centers. The requirements to include the patients were: age older of 18 years, apparent plaque of fibrosis, penile curvature bigger than 30º, appropriate previous control of a penile traction device, and an essential disruption of sexual intercourse. The medical professionals collected all information of the patient, IIEF-5 and also PDQ ratings, comorbidities, time given that beginning of symptoms, and also assessed the penile curvature with a Kelami test. The physicians left out patients with serious calcification of the fibrosis plaque.

In the medical research study, the patients received an maximum of 4 cycles, each one being composed on 2 injections of collagenase in 24-72 hours, and also complied with by 6 weeks of manual modelling and also a minimum of 4 hours of everyday use a penile traction device. The physicians quit the method if no enhancement was observed after the cycle, or continued it until the curvature was less than 30º or the patient managed with the residual one.

The outcomes of the scientific study was: 63 patients were collected. Of them 4 were lost to adhere to, so 59 patients received 1 cycle, 41 got 2 cycles, 15 got 3 cycles, and 4 received 4 cycles. Mean curvature at the end of the therapy was 36º with a decrease of -24 º (-40%). 15 clients needed additional surgical treatment (7 grafting and 8 plication). The mean number of cycles was 2.

The verdict of the scientific research study was the combination of using a penile traction device with collagenase works to minimize the number of cycles of collagenase to treat the Peyronie condition, achieving similar outcomes to those in the literature, and enhancing the cost-efficiency of the therapy.

Web link: https://www.jsm.jsexmed.org/article/S1743-6095(19)30622-8/abstract

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