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World Penis Sizes

Worldwide Penis Size Measurements

Dr. Eduardo Gomez de Diego, Andromedical CEO specialising in Andrology, has carried out detailed research to determine the average penis length worldwide.

During his long professional career, Dr Gomez de Diego has directly treated more than 1.500 patients. They have undergone a penis enlargement treatment with the use of Andropenis, a penis extender developed by Andromedical.

According to a study published by the Spanish Society of Andrology in the year 2001, the average penis length in the erected state among Spanish males was established at 13.58 cm.

This lead Dr. Eduardo Gomez de Diego to question the accuracy of the research, since his own experience in his laboratory made him come to the conclusion that the average penis length was rather 14cm.

Hence, Dr. Gomez de Diego carried out a widespread research, which took into consideration several studies published by prestigious physicians from different nationalities. He concluded that the average penis size, according to all studies, is to be established at 14cm.

Below is a chart containing the findings of Dr. Gomez de Diego's research into the average penis sizes around the world. This chart is a comparative of the average penis size and can help to determine if one needed or not penis enhancement procedures.

Worldwide average penis sizes


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