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Frequently asked questions about the Penis extender


  1. Which is the ideal age to begin the treatment with the penile extender? From a range of 18 to 60 years. Our research included men who were 60 and 70 years old and it showed that traction will stimulate the growth of tissues as far as that age.
    (according to scientific studies)
  2. Are there any risks or secondary effects? No, if the device is used accordingly with the instructions, no risks nor side effects should arise. (according to scientific studies)
  3. Will the traction affect erection or cause sexual impotence? No, the penis will become erect in its usual form without any complications. In addition, with a penis of larger dimensions, your sex drive will improve immensely.
    (according to scientific studies)
  4. Is there growth both in erection and flaccidity? Yes, the growth is proportional and it will be evident in erection as well as in flaccidity.
  5. Will it help to correct penile curvatures? Yes. In a period of 6 to 7 months of treatment the penis extender is able to correct up to 40% of the curvature. There will be a visible improvement. (according to scientific studies)
  6. Are the results durable? Yes, because there has been growth of the penile tissues. (according to scientific studies)
  7. Will the lengthening make the penis thinner? No, the growth is proportional throughout the whole penis. There will be an increase in length as well as in girth since the new tissue formed creates more volume and new cells.
    (according to scientific studies)
  8. Is there any pain? No, this product is a mechanical device and is painless. At first the user might feel the presence of the product, but in time this sensation will disappear.
  9. Should I remove the Penis Extender when urinating or defecating? Yes, when finished, place it back on the penis.
  10. Can it be worn at night? We do not recommend the use of the Andropenis during the night because when asleep, men often have erections and the device will dislocate automatically, and above all, because when asleep we move and this could create wounds.
  11. If I have an erection with the stretcher on, what will happen? Nothing will happen. The device will dislocate automatically.
  12. Can I wear jeans or tight-fit clothing while using the stretcher? You may wear jeans that are not excessively tight; it may depend on how comfortable you feel.
  13. If I am seated for a long length of time, can I use the product? Yes, but in that case we recommend getting up sometimes in order to facilitate blood flow.
  14. Can the device be washed? What do I need to wash it? Does it rust? We recommend cleaning the device once a week. The Andropenis can be washed with water and PH neutral soap. It doesn't rust.
  15. Must the product be oiled or greased? Not at first, although we do recommend that you apply small amounts of oil on the bars in order for it to slide up and down with ease.
  16. Is it necessary to seek advice from an urologist before starting the treatment? Patients who do require medical control or who are less skillful should seek the advice of a specialist before starting treatment. We do have a list of specialists in many cities worldwide.
  17. Is it possible to not obtain an increase in size or notice a very slow increase in size? According to our experience there is a 2.5% non-success rate. However, an available doctor would study your case in detail and try to find a solution for your particular case.
  18. How long should the break period be while using the product? The penis extender should be worn 9 hours per day. You can spread out these hours as you wish. We do recommend a rest period every 2 hours, in which the user would remove the Andropenis. You don't need to follow a rigid rest period schedule; it depends on the sensitivity of patient.
  19. What is the normal length of a penis? Between 13-15cm long or 5-6 inches (according to ethnic background)
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