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Medical and Quality Back Up

While many penis enhancement companies are happy making hyperbolic claims and offering flashy promises about the effectiveness of their products, Andropenis goes a step further. By getting the input of internationally recognized urologists, utilizing scientific studies and doing fact-based analysis of every claim we make, we can ensure that the product we offer our customers is second to none.

How positive are we that Andropenis will satisfy you?

But that is not the only way we put our money where our mouths are. Andromedical offers a money back guarantee: If you do not see significant penis enlargement after two months using Andropenis, we will refund your money (without shipping costs). We not only back the effectiveness of our product, but also its quality. If your product breaks or stops working in the first year, we will replace it at no cost to you.

With effectiveness studies created by urologists around the world, we have professionals testing and retesting our products to ensure quality and continued penis enhancement using a comfortable and discreet system that we have perfected over years of trial and error. These studies show Andropenis is effective 97.5% of the time, adding visible, effective penis enhancement. By complying with European Union Directive 93/42/EEC for health products and also with the obligations of the CE mark, Andropenis is known the world over as a product you can trust. While other devices promise safety, only Andropenis carries CE Certification, making it a Class 1 medical device.

But we are not the only ones to guarantee Andropenis. Many revered doctors, medical institutions, and quality institutions also attest to the quality and efficacy of our product.

Respected urologists worldwide have conducted studies to prove that Andropenis has an efficacy rate of 97.5%. Andropenis complies with European Union Directive 93/42/EEC for health products and also with the obligations of the CE mark. It has CE Certification which classifies it as a Class 1 medical device.

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You can also find a list of quality standards, and sanitary certifications that we have received from independent medical and quality institutions.

Sanitary standars

Quality standards


Biocompatibility tests




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